Prof. Stefan Leupertz

ICLA Board Member

Prof. Stefan Leupertz is a former Judge of the German Supreme Court and is known as one of the leading (and prominent) legal authorities on construction law in Germany. During his tenure as a Judge of the German Supreme Court, Prof. Leupertz was assigned to the Seventh Civil Division, being responsible for hearing construction, contract, and architectural law disputes. In 2012, Prof. Leupertz resigned as Judge of the German Supreme Court and commenced his own legal practice, Leupertz Baukonfliktmanagement, with the focus purely on construction law – in particular, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution as arbitrator, adjudicator and legal expert. Prof. Leupertz is particularly active scholar and is highly respected in academia, being co-editor of the German construction law journal, Baurecht, and the editor/author of numerous other standard-publications on German construction law. Additionally, Prof. Leupertz works is a member of numerous construction law related boards. He is a Board Member of the Arbitral Tribunal Estate Law Germany (2003), Chairman of the Board of the German Baugerichtstag e.V (2013), and a Board Member for the Anglo-German Construction Law Platform (2014).